About me and my approach


My background is somewhat unexpected…

Clients are usually surprised to hear that I studied and worked as a mechanical engineer. Through life’s weird twists and turns, I then ended up teaching myself about sales copy.

It sounds weird, but to me it makes sense as I’ve always loved puzzles and enjoy that aspect of putting a piece of copy together.

It means that I have a particular focus on the puzzle underlying each project that’s required to build the pitch. On the one hand you have to define the puzzle piece of the audience, what’s motivating them and the decisions they’re making. The other piece then becomes your offer with all it’s features and benefits, which we needs sculpting to fit with the prospect.

Only from there do the words and content become a delivery mechanism for that pitch. As one client once told me:

“Past copywriters I’ve worked with were mostly concerned about writing nice words, I’ve never had someone put so much focus on what those words should actually be about.”

Or in another words, I’m a massive geek who likes puzzling together sales material.


who I work with

  • Tech companies with complex products

  • Agencies who need help with their clients

  • Agencies who need help with their own marketing

  • Clients in the USA and UK

What I work on

  • PPC landing pages

  • Sales pages

  • Lead nurture sequences

  • Onboarding sequences

Work I Avoid

  • Blog writing

  • Cold emails

  • Supplements, gambling & crypto