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landing page overhaul

Analytics data might tell you your landing page is underperforming, but it won’t tell you how to fix it. The same goes for click maps, scroll tracking and other favoured measurement tools.

The answers can usually be found by taking a step back to better consider the ideal visitors and what they are after.

Your page might be failing to address the motivations of big spenders or just not providing answers you frequently have to provide over livechat. If you or your team frequently talk to clients/users, then you already know enough about them without resorting to the funky tools.

What’s needed is someone who will ask the right questions. Who will highlight the way the current page only appeals to visitors with low budgets or fails to connect the features to their motivations.

The copy-building process

Typing out copy is only the last chunk of my work. In full, it is along the lines of:

  1. Kickoff call - asking lots of questions to you or relevant customer-facing staff to dig out the details of what distinguishes ideal prospects and the info they’re after.

  2. Extra research - whether it’s forums, reviews or competitor sites, I’ll search around for extra insights into understanding the product and views of prospects

  3. Pitch defining - I’ll define an intended prospect type and the key motivations to aim for, such as “SMEs who’ve been let down by their current PPC agency” with the relevant features/benefits of your offer.

  4. Content outline - a bullet-point style outline of how to piece the sales points together with the angle and details required for each, along with formatting ideas.

  5. (Finally) writing - with a solid pitch and outline in place, writing copy becomes a matter of conveying the intended message in the clearest way possible.

I’m of the firm believe that steps 1 to 4 are the real make-or-break aspects of a page and dedicate my time accordingly.

Data will tell you where the problem is, but not how to fix it.
— Me, too often