Email Sequences


Build up their motivation and confidence

Submitting their email address is a great first step, now two traits need boosting to turn them into customers.

Motivation - they need to bump the issue up the to-do list. This could be helping them realise how many sales they’re losing without a CRM or the time they’re wasting with manual methods.

Confidence - once they desire a solution they need confidence that you’ll solve it. We need to show that the service overcomes issues they’ve encountered in the past or concerns holding them back.

Whether it’s a nurture or an email sequence, the same reasoning applies. The challenges becomes how to educate them into having these realisations themselves, instead of bludgeoning them with your outlook.

Help prospects slide up the scale with an email sequence

Help prospects slide up the scale with an email sequence

Working with Zach was amazing. The result was a sequence that’s converting like gangbusters and has some of the highest engagement rates of any content we produce.
— Keith Perhac, SegMetrics

Onboarding & Lead Nurturing

Both of these email sequences are about upping their urge to take up your offer (see section above), so both need the same approach.

  1. Define where they’re at when they subscribe.

  2. Pinpoint what nudges they require to move forward.

  3. Come up with ways to educate them into next steps

  4. Write the emails and upload them into your system

These email can consist of a range of content, including case studies, mini challenges, quick guides and direct questions. Each will be written with a particular aim in mind, regardless of whether the sequence is 2 or 20 emails long.

If needed I can also advise on lead magnets, upsells and further testing.

Note: I only work on opt-in lists, not cold emails